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23 Dec, 2015 12:41

'US struck Iraq with 9,000 strikes in 48 hours, ISIS hit by that many in 1 year’

'US struck Iraq with 9,000 strikes in 48 hours, ISIS hit by that many in 1 year’

The US-led coalition said it curbed ISIS capacity to export oil by 90 percent with 9,000 strikes, but it seems someone is not doing their job right, political commentator Marwa Osman told RT.

Nine girls were killed and dozens injured on Tuesday in an attack on a school in Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria, according to state media. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack was carried out by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists.

RT: Are schools purposely targeted in Syria?  If so, why?

Marwa Osman: Obviously they are being targeted for acts of terror for inciting terror in the hearts of these young girls, especially girls who go to school. We’ve seen that before last month in Lattakia, when a university for girls was also shelled by ISIS. And now this unfortunate event in Deir al-Zor, as well, with nine children being killed, girls, because they go to school.

The Sharia law that these people act upon is ridiculous. They are allowing these fighters, these terrorists to mortar all kinds of civilians: whether they are civilians, students, university students, or even young children. Even more than that, they have committed crimes against humanity in issuing certain fatwas about killing children and infants with Down syndrome, and infants with congenital deformities. That is just messed up at all levels.

RT: How is this conflict affecting the most vulnerable in Syria?

MO: What is happening is that the areas that are not being held by the government, that the government is not watching, are actually being held by terrorist organizations: whether ISIS, al-Nusra Front or other organizations. What is going on there is that these people, these civilians have nowhere else to go; they are trapped there; they cannot be refugees in other countries or other districts; they cannot even leave, because if they leave, they would be killed. And if they stay they have to abide by the Sharia law that is put by these terrorists or else they would be killed, as well.

It is definitely devastating, it is definitely life threatening; it is risky at all levels. If we look at families living there – they are living in fear, they are being urged and they are being pushed into going through certain measures put by ISIS or else they will all be killed. The horrific part is that they kill them in front of each other just to incite terror inside of them to make sure that these people would not revolt at any time. This definitely has a lot of impact on all people, and not only in Syria. We have lots of areas which are held under ISIS control in Mosul in Iraq, where, as I was always telling you, Sharia Laws are wreaking havoc in the area...

Up to now there are more than 38 small children that have already been killed by either lethal injection or suffocation because of this fatwa, according to activists who are in Iraq and especially in Mosul. This is definitely devastating.

RT: Is the coalition's fight against ISIL proving effective?

MO: ...There are at least three coalitions as we speak working above Syria. But if we were are talking here about the Russian coalition: once the Russian coalition started acting, and when Russia intervened two months ago, we started seeing certain advances on the ground for the Syrian Arab Army and for the Russian army, as well, where they were taking over the oil fields that ISIS were in control of, which these oil fields were giving back revenues to ISIS for them to keep on getting arms and terrorizing people. So for the past two months there have been a lot of positive developments for the sake of the Syrian Arab Army.

Again, if we look at other coalitions that have been working for more than a year now – let’s say the US-led coalition. We heard the US-led coalition saying that coalition forces curbed ISIS capacity in the export of oil by 90 percent, and that is because of some 9,000 air strikes on Iraq and Syria in one year. Excuse me, I think, that someone is not doing their job right. If [there were] 9,000 strikes just in one year, there is something wrong.

When the US invaded Iraq back in 2003, 9,000 were done in the first 48 hours. Who are they joking? They have to put on the ground certain goals to implement as soon as possible because civilians are dying and no one seems to care.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.