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16 Dec, 2015 16:13

‘Turkey using psychological warfare on anybody critical of the government’

‘Turkey using psychological warfare on anybody critical of the government’

It is very difficult to talk in Turkey about issues related to the country’s foreign policy; particularly the policy on Syria and the Middle East in general, says Hisyar Ozsoy Turkish opposition MP from the People's Democratic Party.

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"Now it is very difficult in Turkey to talk about issues related to Turkey’s foreign policy, particularly Turkish policy on Syria and the Middle East in general. Some days ago two famous Turkish journalists were also put into prison because they released some news about the transport of weapons from Turkey to some jihadists groups in Syria. When a CHP deputy talked in the parliament there wasn’t really a huge reaction; the reaction started in social media, in particular. And now there is a lynching campaign against this deputy. This is just another case of intolerance when people criticize the Turkish government’s Syrian policy,” Ozsoy told RT.

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"So, the CHP deputy was making an argument about the transport of some materials used for chemical weapons and it wasn’t actually even his idea. He was reading from an indictment that was written by a Turkish public prosecutor. That was the case. And yet, now we know that people criticizing the Turkish government’s foreign policy, they are accused of being traitors. There is huge censorship; it is a kind of psychological warfare on anybody who is critical of the government’s foreign policy,” he added.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.