‘With Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling... the America I knew is gone’

‘With Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling... the America I knew is gone’
​The nine members the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is now a legal right across the entire country, a decision that Pastor Scott Lively says will bring disaster to American society.

In a controversial 5-4 decision, the Court ruled the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment requires all states to license same-sex marriages in the US.

RT:What is your opinion on this ruling?

Scott Lively: Well, I haven’t read the ruling and I’m probably not going to because I believe it is illegitimate. That is because two of the Supreme Court justices were disqualified from voting because they performed same-sex weddings during the period of deliberation when the parties had a legal right to impartiality by the jurists. So this is a completely illegitimate ruling, I do not recognize it. It’s going to be treated as the law of the land, but it’s not valid and I don’t think a lot of Christians are going to go along with it.

RT:What is your moral take on this? President Obama has come out and said, “When all Americans are treated as equals, we are all freer.” What is your response to that comment?

SL: President Obama has a reprobate perspective on sexuality. This is a mockery of everything America has stood for since its founding. There is no such thing as “gay marriage.” Marriage is an institution created by God for one man and one woman for life-long intimacy together for the purpose of bearing and raising children for the next generation.

RT:Do you think this issue is going to split American society?

SL: I think it already has to a large degree. The America I knew is gone today. This is a shocking blow to everything that America has stood for from the beginning. It’s a complete rejection of biblical Christianity and an embrace of a cultural Marxist worldview that contradicts everything that the Founding Fathers believed. And it is going to bring disaster to our society.

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RT:There is something called the ‘Pastor Protection’ bill [designed to protect pastors and their churches that refuse to perform a same-sex marriage] in Texas. Is that something that you’d like to follow?

SL: Well that’s great that some of the pastors may be protected from having to perform gay marriages, but that doesn’t protect the rest of society. And frankly, I’m not that much in favor of the ‘Pastor Protection’ measures, because all that does is simply neutralizes them in the battle for morality in America. A lot of pastors, if they think “well, this doesn’t affect me” they’ll stop rallying against the problem. The real problem is the legitimization of homosexuality, the mainstreaming of it in society, as a direct attack on the biblical model of sexuality of the one-flesh paradigm of one man and one woman.

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