National Front strengthens at local level, optimistic about presidential vote - Le Pen aide

National Front strengthens at local level, optimistic about presidential vote - Le Pen aide
The policies of the National Front led by Marine le Pen have become more understood and less demonized so the party is optimistic about the future French presidential election, National Front international spokesperson Ludovic de Danne told RT.

RT:Did you expect the result of the election?

Ludovic de Danne: We are glad to see that our efforts are paying off today and we are convincing more and more citizens in France about our policies and the program that we wish to see victorious at the next presidential election at least.

RT:Your party has been gaining momentum. Do you think France is ready for a change of power?

LD: We are seeing that trend more and more, year after year our program is being understood… We have been dramatically increasing and professionalizing our movement, and our topics are actually seen as topics which should be dealt with. This is why our program is matching more and more what electors are waiting for.

RT:Some accuse your party of taking a hard-line towards immigration and other issues. Are you ready to compromise?

LD: We will not compromise with blocks of right or left who have been for the last 40 years putting our country in this state. We think, and we believe, that if people are truly wishing to join our patriotic forces, they are very welcome. But we will not compromise. We think that we are living in historical times, and it’s time to take care of our people and our country as well as to give another way about what the Europe should be, another European Union. Therefore our topics are more than just immigration and security, [there are also] economic issues, foreign policy. Now we heard more and more by the French people.

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RT:Do you think the hard-line you have is the way to get power in France?

LD: “Hard-line” is…the way that we are labeled or seen, but it’s not exactly the truth. Most countries in the world, most democracies, mainstream parties, have our policy regarding assimilation and integration of immigrants, regarding the place of our country within the globalization. And this is not so hard-line. It’s what we decided to change. This change means that we have to stop what is going on with the system and therefore it’s true, it’s difficult for us, but we are going forward and each election shows that massive supporters are joining our ranks despite the electoral system, its working.

RT:Presidential elections in France are in two years. It’s a long time in politics. Will Marine Le Pen run out of steam before then?

LD: It’s a long time and at the same time it’s very short in politics. Two years is just enough to make it maybe to 50+1 in the second round of the presidential elections. This is why we are very glad about these results. More and more we are rooting our party within the country. We are deepening and strengthening our forces on the local level, regional level and so on. So we are getting ready and prepared, [Marine le Pen] is getting ready and prepared for these elections and as I said earlier our topics, our policies, our program are being more and more understood, less and less demonized. This is why in this respect we are very optimistic. It’s not going to be easy, but at least we are doing our best and Marine le Pen is showing very strong that she is capable of doing that.


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