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30 Dec, 2014 15:41

Westminster child abuse network: Could 2015 be the year we begin to see justice?

Westminster child abuse network: Could 2015 be the year we begin to see justice?

Ten years ago, if you talked about an elite network of child abusers, operating among the highest levels of government, media, police, and even the royal family, you likely would have been called a 'nut job' or a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Fast forward to the present day however, and allegations of pedophilia and abuse of the most horrific kind, including even reports of murder seem to be surfacing continually, almost daily at times, so much so that the issue has been forced squarely back on the table. Questions and allegations which have lingered for decades, are now being taken seriously, and most importantly so by Scotland Yard.

While no one has been officially charged as part of the wider investigations, police are now looking into numerous allegations of historic child abuse, which allegedly involve powerful and influential individuals, and which date back many decades.

While acknowledged predators like the late Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith MP, never faced justice in their lifetime, there seems a real possibility that enough new evidence is coming to light which might mean some of those involved, and whom may still be alive, could at last end up in court facing trial.

In fact, so much new evidence is apparently being brought to the attention of the authorities, and so many witnesses, sources and officials are calling for justice, that it seems like the dam is about to break, the lid firmly off Pandora's Box.

And as more and more witnesses and victims come forward, and the reality is gradually absorbed into the wider public consciousness, there seems a real chance that those who have abused their positions of trust in such a monstrous way will pay the price.

It may be likely, according at least to a dossier handed by John Mann MP to Scotland Yard, that in the past, key potential whistle-blowers on the Westminster pedophile network were murdered, in order to prevent them unearthing what is potentially one of the biggest crimes and scandals in British political history.

A sign is seen outside New Scotland Yard in central London (Reuters / Luke MacGregor)

If some of those who have committed these unthinkable crimes, against some of the most vulnerable in society, end up jailed with lengthy sentences, this would at least be some step towards restoring justice in the eyes of an ever disillusioned public.If we can challenge the culture of impunity that currently exists, and ensure these people are punished, we have a chance of stamping out the culture that allowed such predators to operate in the first place.

Bearing in mind that among those allegedly named as part of the on-going investigation is a judge, public scrutiny and pressure will most certainly be needed, to fully hold the system to account, that is, of course if any charges are indeed brought about.

For this to happen, assuming we see some of these Masonic pedophiles face trial, we need to ensure that this issue is absolutely and unequivocally not a taboo.Everyone needs to understand the magnitude and seriousness of these cases, because it’s more than likely that this ring is still in operation according to reports.

Many people are already skeptical as whether or not the justice system itself would be capable of working against those who work directly within it.

And if no one has been jailed or been punished, it stands to reason, that there would have been no motive for networks of serial abusers to cease their activity and simply stop.

An informed public opinion, with a determined will, must exist in order for there to be any chance of justice.It is only the public after all, the real jury, which can hold the entire system to account, should that system fail to bring justice.

We can only ask for a fair judge and jury if and when charges are eventually brought to any of those implicated in these investigations.But one does sense that when the dam does eventually break, it will actually resemble an avalanche.

The 'political' culture needed for these crimes to have continued for so long, is so insipid, so vulgar and self-serving, that it stands to reason that this powerful clique will do almost anything to protect itself and to avoid the long arm of the law. Such is the nature of power.

And the evidence coming to light suggests that when necessary, they have done just that.

Reuters / Eduardo Munoz

It’s a bitter pill for many to swallow. Consider, that in the 'mother of all parliaments', where over the last decade or more, we have seen countless cases made to go and bomb other countries in the name of democracy, that all the while the most sickening depravity was being indulged in by high ranking ministers and MPs.

Indeed, according to the files complied by John Mann MP, former and serving ministers and MPs are identified as having been among the abusers. And one senses this is simply the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.It’s hard to imagine such people suddenly rolling over without a fight.

In the 1980s, Geoffrey Dickens MP handed over vital information to the then home secretary Leon Brittan concerning child abuse parties attended by key trusted public figures.Progress was never made as a result of the dossier being handed to Brittan, but by some strange twist of fate, the dossier became 'lost'.

Let's hope the new information given by John Mann MP just a few days back doesn't suffer such a convenient fate.

Rumors that parliamentarians are being used, compromised and blackmailed by different competing interests due to their activities at VIP child abuse parties, and the threat of those activities being made public are rife. It certainly would explain why despite clear knowledge among those who needed to know that this abuse was indeed taking place that nothing was ever done about it.

If whistle-blowers have been killed for knowing the truth, then it seems like fear is the main pillar which has prevented this house of cards from toppling for so long.

Theresa May, Nick Clegg, and other senior political figures have all called for Scotland Yard to be given more power with these investigations, with the view to ensuring that now retired Special Branch officers and detectives, who it is believed have vital information regarding many of these cases from the past, will not be prevented from coming forward and providing evidence, by the Official Secrets Act.

It seems that while there has been resistance for many years from within the establishment that the walls of secrecy surrounding this network of child abusers are eroding.Public outrage is being accompanied with the political will to examine cases dating back many decades, and also cases in recent history.

Could 2015, which will mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta be the year in which all that is in the dark finally comes to light?We can only hope this will be the case.

The horrors which would have taken place at Elm Guest House in Barnes, South West London do not bear thinking about.

The sheer number of people coming forward now, speaking out about their ordeals, is having a domino effect, and evidence for a case must surely be mounting.Police are expressing confidence that they believe many of the victim's accounts.There are consistencies in their testimonies and statements

Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile and other seemingly untouchable members of the elite establishment never faced justice.But perhaps they are the last to evade jail terms.Seeing some of these criminals firmly behind bars would certainly be a step toward rooting out the kind of corruption and abuse of power which has tainted our political system for so long.Maybe 2015 is the year in which we finally see this begin to happen.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.