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21 Oct, 2014 13:33

​‘Truth blocked in US through mainstream media’

​‘Truth blocked in US through mainstream media’

A blockade on the truth in America can be broken by billboard campaigns, like that criticizing Fox News host Sean Hannity, with the involvement of crowdfunding and cryptocurrency, Max Keiser, the host of RT's ‘Keiser Report’, told RT.

Max Keiser is one of the originators of a crowdfunding project that helped to get one of Fox's most well-known faces up on a billboard of shame. Millions of people in Chicago can see the huge billboard with Sean Hannity’s portrait and the caption: “Breaking news: The Sean Hannity show is intellectual terrorism.” Hannity is an American television host on Fox News who has been accused by many of being “media terrorist.”

RT:Max, Why Sean Hannity? There are plenty of people on Fox you could have picked on?

Max Keiser: I think Sean right now is the tip of the spear for Fox propaganda. He went over to visit Netanyahu for example when you saw that incredible slaughter of children on behalf of the occupiers of the Palestinian territory, shaking the hand of Netanyahu etc. That was the trigger point that really outraged a lot of people that Fox News has become shameless propagandist for the war industry in America. Having a billboard is great because it is a mass media instrument that does touch millions of people. It is relatively cheap considering all the people you can reach. So a crowdfunding campaign like we have done using cryptocurrencies as well, in this case StartCOIN we were able to now reach potentially millions of people with this campaign to allude to people that Sean Hannity is basically a propagandist, he supports media terrorism, Rupert Murdoch is a clear media terrorist. And so that people can get the truth using billboard in this way will cut through the propaganda machine that is the American media, certainly at Fox.

RT:How big is this project? Are we going to see it expand?

MK: We are going to build on the strength of this billboard and hopefully start to crowdfund some more, put them in additional cities around the US. Sean Fahey is a filmmaker responsible for this project. He was able to find some talent on the StartJOIN crowdfunding platform, were able to finance it using the cryptocurrency StartCOIN. So, the community came together in supporting this project.

And again because the media and finance in America has come together to block the truth and to block money. You know, the problem in America’s finances -that we cover on the “Keiser Report” - is that central banks have made trillions of dollars available to banks, but they are not lending that money out, they are keeping it to themselves…. And there is huge block, the money is not getting into the economy, and consequently the economy is stagnating. The same thing is in the media. The truth can’t get out. Using crowdfunding and cryptocurrency we are able to get through the blockade that is blocking the truth from getting out in America. Billboards are relatively cheap to do that. Crowdfunding is a great way to get people participating in this. So hoping to allure people again - they should be aware that there is this dangerous media terrorist, Sean Hannity that is polluting the airwaves with warmongering, misinformation, and just outright shambolic editorializing that has no place anywhere, let alone a major media outlet like Fox.

RT:You have a huge challenge. If you are really serious about raising awareness, they have hundreds of thousands of viewers, people that believe that this isn’t just someone who tells them what to think, that this just the news.

MK: I would point toward Russell Brand who took on Sean Hannity directly and his YouTube channel has more viewers than Fox News prime time news at their prime time time-slot. Russell Brand’s videos are getting millions of views; he is getting more viewers than Sean Hannity.

RT:Russell is quite funny as he kind of tries to make his points through irony and sarcasm. But he is touching some serious issues.

MK: And he is able to do so on a cause basis, that is what makes Fox News very nervous, I would imagine, because with a simple hand-held camera and a YouTube channel he is competing for the same number of viewers as Sean Hannity and Fox News. And this is the future of the media. …The truth is being blocked in America through mainstream media like Fox News. Here is a way to break the blockade, get billboards up which are again relatively cheap, they reach millions of people, alert the population about this financial, these media terrorists like Sean Hannity. They should be in prison for the lies and misinformation that he spreads…

RT:Max, are you expecting any kind of reaction from Fox?

MK: They would never have me on Fox News because I would very quickly make them look quite foolish. I am a bit of a ninja warrior on TV News, as people who watch me know. Anyone who goes up against me immediately breaks down in their own puddle of tears, crying because I am able to basically slaughter them verbally on-air because they have nothing to say. So [Fox News] would never have me on against Sean Hannity.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.