​'Coalition of sovereign governments needed to eliminate ISIS’

​'Coalition of sovereign governments needed to eliminate ISIS’
The United States has to work with other sovereign nations in a coordinated effort for its project to eliminate ISIS not to fail, Lawrence Freeman, foreign policy journalist, told RT.

A meeting between President Barack Obama and the leaders of Congress was held this Tuesday in Washington DC. In the President’s speech on the eve of 9/11 commemorations he announced that he had enough authority, and doesn’t need Congress authorization to take action against the ISIS. Obama’s plans include wide-ranging airstrikes against targets in Iraq and in Syria.

RT:What should be done in the first place to eradicate ISIS?

Lawrence Freeman: There is absolutely a need for a coalition of sovereign governments to eliminate ISIS, they are a barbaric organization. In fact we have to look back just a few years to see that unfortunately our foreign policy helped to create them. The question is how you are going to defeat them. And this means that you actually have to work with other sovereign nations in a coordinated effort. And if you do not coordinate with the sovereign governments of Syria, and Iran, and Russia, and other key countries in the area then this project will fail. And if not, Obama is on very dangerous territory. It is unconfirmed whether he will seek for approval of the Congress which is requirement of the US constitution. It is not clear whether he will ask for it. Remember last time he was about to hit 85 targets and there was an uproar in the Congress and the American people, and then Martin Dempsey, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Obama backed down. If we had destroyed the Assad government at that point ISIS would have controlled the entirety of Syria. The problem now is some politicians have made it very clear that if the president refuses to go to the Congress for authorization for the use of force then he should be immediately impeached because he is violating the US constitution.

RT:How do American citizens feel about a military campaign – especially in Syria? Do they approve the work of Obama and the Congress?

LF: The American people are very, very disappointed with the Congress and very disappointed with this president and they see no strategy. Essentially President Obama has been a worse president than George Bush who actually started this mess with Cheney back in 2003. We now are coming up to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks tomorrow. It will be 13 years and there was a very profound press conference held yesterday in Washington by three congressmen and families who lost their love ones in the 9/11 attack in New York. And they are demanding President Obama released 28 classified pages that directly point to the funding by the Saudi Arabian government for the 9/11 attack. And the Saudi Kingdom is involved in funding ISIS as well. So unless we get to the truth of the matter we are not serious about feeding the ISIS.

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