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27 Jun, 2014 12:40

​‘EU does not need Ukraine, but signing association agreement boosts its ego'

​‘EU does not need Ukraine, but signing association agreement boosts its ego'

Neither Ukrainian President Poroshenko nor the Eurocrats care about what will happen to Ukrainian people after the signature of the EU Association agreement, Anna van Densky, political commentator from the EU Reporter Magazine, told RT.

RT:What’s your stance on Poroshenko’s decision tosignthe association with the EU?

Anna van Densky: First of all, Petro Poroshenko has shown himself as a man who is ready to go over dead bodies, not allegorically but literally, to sign the Association agreement. And agreement was at heart of the conflict, so it means that we can’t foresee any smoothening of the situation because people are fighting for their jobs, for their lives and for their identity. The point is that the people do not understand it now because there is information blockade and they have plenty of illusions, for example, that they will have visa facilitation, they will have European living standards just overnight the moment their new president signs the agreement.

RT:President Poroshenko said if another round of talks with the East fails today, Kiev will take 'a very important step.' What do you think he means?

AD: I do not think that he really means a lot because he showed already a lot of neglect towards the situation in the [sooth-east] of Ukraine. He does not pay attention, he does not invest himself and that is the result, because the idea that he was chosen as a sort of general candidate of the West, of the EU and the US, and he fulfils his promise, he signs the agreement. Basically he does not care what happens afterwards because as we know during elections he invested his own 7 million to become a president, so you can’t expect [to be] a genuine man caring about his people. He is definitely not. He is a career-oriented man who cares about his own good.

About the East - of course it is tragic. Everybody knows in Russia, for example, or in the East that the events are taking a tragic course. But here in Brussels today it is a cheerful day because their egos are absolutely boosted. The European machine is more likely like the Soviet Union, so it means that it cannot reverse, they cannot pull back. They will go on and the final result is basically unimportant.

RT:What purposes does Poroshenko pursue by signing the Association agreement? And what do European politicians think about the association deal with Ukraine?

AD: The point is that of course that Poroshenko was never willing to invest himself in the solving of this conflict because he invested himself in pleasing the West and signing the Association agreement, and [doing] everything to make Ukrainians feel and think that this Association agreement will bring a lot of good to the country. So he hopes the moment he signs an agreement it will crush the will of people in the East to go on fighting, and then he thinks also that the forces are so unequal that he will win a victory sooner or later. Of course, maybe it will be later because people are very concerned about their future, but the forces are so unequal in this fight, and you see there are tanks, artillery, and shelling the peaceful population. So it means that one day the uprising will be suppressed, so that is the hope and that is the plan.

Basically today is a victory that is feasted by Eurocrat apparatchiks, who, like the Soviet Union in the past times of Brezhnev, would like to report their success. That is what the whole thing is about because nobody can tell you here about the profit of this Association agreement for the EU because there is plenty of cheap labor here. There is no more need for the cheap labor from eastern Ukraine, so basically nobody knows what to do with this Association agreement because, for example, in France the farmers are paid not to develop their lands. There is a crisis of profit, not of deficit, and there is no answer about what will happen to Ukrainian people after the signature. But we know that many today will celebrate the victory because their egos are boosted.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.