'Western policy towards Iraq is a kind of madness'

'Western policy towards Iraq is a kind of madness'
While UK Foreign Secretary William Hague says the US and the UK were right to invade Iraq, Tony Blair is calling to re-invade, which is "complete madness", British MP George Galloway told RT.

RT:Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is constantly commenting on the Middle East. Why doesn't Blair just disappear like Bush - we hear almost nothing from him these days?

George Galloway: As a national consensus emerging here, stretching from the Mayor of London across Parliament and most of the media, including right-wing newspapers that supported that war at the time that Mr. Blair may have become mentally unhinged. Certainly Einstein’s definition of madness, namely that to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result means you are probably mentally unhinged, seems to apply here because Mr. Blair was this very weekend not only defending what he did, and there are precious very few people anywhere in the world, who will be found to come on television and defend that, but to say that we should do it again. Mr. Blair wants us to re-invade Iraq.

RT:Why are former officials like Tony Blair and current ones like William Hague still defending Iraq? It's collapsing. Do they really think the current situation has nothing to do with invading in 2003?

GG: Mr. Hague said that we were right to invade Iraq. He is not saying “We should invade it again”, Blair is. Moreover, he is saying that we are only in this position because we didn’t invade Syria. And here we come to the ultimate paradox of our times. Britain and the US are supporting these Al-Qaeda fanatics in Syria, which is only a couple of hours drive away from their heartland in Iraq, while encouraging us that the end of the world is coming when those Al-Qaeda fanatics cross over into Iraq. Those of us who are against Al-Qaeda wherever they are, of course, being amply vindicated because the pictures that the fanatics put out themselves, I suppose we should be grateful that they are not yet eating people’s hearts like they were doing, and videoing themselves for the entertainment of the world doing it has not yet emerged from Iraq. But the hideous throat cutting and mass executions of people, the humiliation of people as they kill them is emerging now from the fanatics themselves. But the truth is that this group, ISIS, used to be called the ISIL, they became strong and powerful because of Western monetary and so-called non-lethal military aid. These Toyota vehicles that they drove into Mosel in were given to them by the British and American governments, but across the border in Syria. This is the kind of madness that Western policy has become.

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