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‘Ukrainian officials show ‘adolescent foolishness’, not diplomacy’

‘Ukrainian officials show ‘adolescent foolishness’, not diplomacy’
The Ukrainian President is sitting at the top of a living volcano and must understand that exacerbating conflict with Russia will put an end to his presidency, Michael J. Carley, professor of history and 20th century international relations, told RT.

RT:Western nations blocked Russia's resolution condemning the embassy attack at the UN Security Council. Is the drive against Russia so strong that they can't even condemn a blatant act of vandalism?

Michael J. Carley: It certainly looked that way. According to press this morning, the US, the UK and France apparently blocked or are going to block the Russian proposition. In fact, they seem to block all Russia's propositions on Ukraine, and I don’t really know why Moscow bothers except to go through the motions. It’s clear that the US is pursuing an antagonistic, provocative policy toward Russia and the European states are following, if somewhat reluctantly, US orders as it were.

RT:Ukraine's acting Foreign Minister came to the embassy... but all we heard from him was "Russians, go home" and obscenities towards Putin. What kind of diplomacy is that?

MC: It’s not diplomacy at all. I would call it “adolescent foolishness”. Perhaps in the midst of a great danger, it’s like kid playing with a lightened stick of dynamite. I noticed that Lavrov was quoted today saying “Who is this guy?" [about] the so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs. I think they need to get somebody that is a little bit more diplomatic to deal with Russians.

Protesters stand on top of the crashed cars during a rally against the Russian President Vladimir Putin in front of the Russian embassy in Kiev on June 14, 2014. (AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky)

RT:What about Ukraine's president? His top diplomat is shouting obscenities together with a crowd of vandals while police stand by, instead of protecting foreign diplomats... And he hasn't made any statement. Why?

MC: I do not know the Ukrainian President personally, but I am guessing that he needs to consult his American brokers and perhaps also “Pravij Sector” [Right Sector] backers. He is caught between a rock and a hard place; his main strongest brokers want an open conflict with Russia. But he is not a stupid man and he must know that such a conflict would put an end to his presidency. If I were in his boots, I would hesitate too. He does not have a lot of time though to make his mind up. He is sitting at the top of living volcano.

RT:Is this going to lead to a complete end to diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia?

MC: My guess is no, because Moscow wants to keep open lines of communication to the Kiev junta even if the crisis worsens. I would say that the crisis cannot go on escalating indefinitely because there is going to be some reaction from Russia.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.