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10 Jun, 2014 09:37

EU presidential hopeful blind drunk on Europhilia?

EU presidential hopeful blind drunk on Europhilia?

It’s not his manic myopic Europhilia which ought to worry us. The man most MEPs demand as European Commission president is materially incompetent.

The Eurosphere is working itself into a wild frenzy about the next commission president. This is, however, the Eurosphere - aka the bubble of crazed ‘more Europe’ proponents, who are apparently incapable of noticing the manifest problems of a Europe with a flawed currency, mass unemployment and a regulatory burden which always increases and is gradually strangling commerce.

While Europe declines, the east rises. In the real Europe beyond the Brussels bubble, barely anybody has heard of the candidates and nobody much cares. Apathy is probably not such a bad approach to this gallery of the ‘mad, bad, and dangerous to know’ (albeit without any vestige of roguish character to counterbalance their obsessive Europhilia).

Meanwhile, we can nail the first canard of the process. Ignore the politically-inspired column inches about Cameronian machinations by the impotent UK prime minister. Only deranged pro-Europhiles need apply. The line is, “If you don’t believe ‘More Europe’ is the cure to everything then you are clearly the equivalent of a Euro-heretic.”

The Europeans don’t burn witches anymore, but give it a few more directives and it is increasingly feasible they may burn ‘Euro-heretics’. (Perhaps capital punishment being too illiberal, they will just sentence Euroskeptics to an endless loop of EU Presidency speeches when the purges come). The fervent Euro-blob mass espouse democracy so long as it supports them.

The European Parliament is having a hissy fit about the new president of the European Commission. That job is currently held by Jose Manuel Barroso, the one-time Maoist who had a brief stint as Portuguese prime minister, delivering precisely none of the reforms the nation needed before its spectacular economic failure required a bailout. However, by that stage Barroso was one of the presidential crew on a handy US$30,000 per month. Provided he never says a bad word against the EU so long as he lives, he stands to get a rich pension too. Not bad for a career overseeing failure.

Clearly the objective amongst us who actually want to see Europe work, as opposed to an EU regulating us into poverty, would welcome a competent new administrator to demonstrate a purpose other than impoverishing the people at the whim of a crazed protectionist corporate-socialist oligarchy. Given the Euroskeptic upsurge in the recent elections, the EU needs an outbreak of management and pragmatism. A tiny dash of humility would not go amiss either.

As president, Jean-Claude Juncker fits the crazed Europhile template perfectly as a former prime minister of Luxembourg. When it comes to creating a fully federal single European state, he demonstrates the tenacity of a starving leech once it has found a bloody vein to suck dry, and lies shamelessly. Perhaps Juncker’s only memorable line remains this about how he ‘saved’ the euro currency: “When it becomes serious, you have to lie." Clear man-of-the-people credentials there from a man who George W. Bush described as “a piece of work.”

There are those who claim he is a touch fond of alcohol but I leave that judgment to the good denizens of Europe, I mean the EU’s leaders wouldn’t be inclined to elect an alcoholic after another of those gourmet wine/port-laden dinners would they?

The European Parliament, in one of its periodic spats to get more power, has interpreted Brussels legalese to suggest it can nominate the Commission President. Thus three major Euro Parliament party leaders engaged in a magical mystery tour of various European nations (not, for some reason, the UK - go figure!) being largely ignored by the electorate. The EPP (allegedly center-right...really another Europhile blob mob), led by Juncker secured the lowest winning-party share on record - hence the push for President Juncker. A vast democratic mandate this isn’t, but hey, it’s better than a vague show of hands over the cheese course which is how they chose the incumbents.

Luxembourg is not dissimilar in size to Kaliningrad, or Tucson, Arizona. This is where my concerns arise. Infamously, Juncker was ousted as PM following his inability to manage the Luxemburg secret service. This is no NSA of 30,000 or more staff. Rather, the entire Luxembourg spy agency could fit neatly on a Kaliningrad tram - all 60 of them.

Having a man who couldn’t control a nation barely largely than a small city sounds like a recipe for ongoing disaster in the EU...but he advocates what the blob wants: More Europe.*

*At least until there is no more Europe left.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.