‘Americans need to realize Ukraine crisis happened because of US’

Charlie McGrath
In 2007 Obvious corruption and collusion between the “main stream” media, special corporate interest, and Washington D.C. sparked Charlie into activism. What began as nothing more than a You Tube Channel where he could vent his frustration with the status quo quickly became a nightly destination for thousands of like-minded people. In 2010 Charlie was offered a two hour nightly program on The Rense Radio network and at the same time he launched WideAwakeNews.com. Dedicated to filtering through the fluff of pop culture infotainment, and exposing government and corporate corruption both the radio program and website continue to attract like-minded, freedom loving, people from around the globe. To date Charlie has over four million video views as well as millions of visits to WideAwakeNews.com and the radio program continues to attract new listeners every day.
‘Americans need to realize Ukraine crisis happened because of US’
It’s embarrassing that the US labels illegitimate the decision of eastern Ukrainians to adopt self-determination and implement their own government after holding a free and fair vote, founder of the Wide Awake News Website Charlie McGrath told RT.

RT:Washington has deemed the referendum in east Ukraine illegal. However, a huge number of people turned out to vote. Shouldn't their opinions count for something?

Charlie McGrath: No, it doesn’t count for anything as far as the West is concerned and you don’t have to take my or your word for it, just look at the actions over the last several months. A duly elected government in Ukraine overthrown with the help of the West and the banking cabal that dominates policy in the West. So it certainly seems that individual sovereignty nation and sovereignty self-governance is no longer a factor when it comes to the West policy.

RT:The US has also blamed Russia for failing to stop the referendums. What's your reaction to those accusations?

CM: It’s disgusting and it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing for me as an American. What if we stood back and listened to the British a little bit longer all those years ago when we decided to break away, have referendum and have a vote of independence. The fact that the US has their press secretary coming out before the cameras of the world and saying that people deciding that they are going to be self-determining, that they are going to implement the government that is ruled by themselves, the people, and have a free and fair vote, calling it illegitimate, calling it everything what it is because the people speaking out is disgusting. And every American who buys in to this malarkey that they were fed about how Putin’s involved, they need to wake up and realize what’s happening because it is happening in our name.

You can listen to Congressman Dennis Kucinich who breaks it down. He is not afraid of saying like it is. We have 60-plus programs run by quasi-government agencies or tax dollars, 60 programs to destabilize and in fact to have a coup d’état inside Ukraine that led to this current disaster that we have now.

RT:The State Department has alleged there were violations during the voting. Doesn't this give the impression that the State Department is making accusations without any real evidence?

CM: It looks like it is written by CIA or some other Intelligence alphabet agency thrown on a teleprompter and regurgitated to the people of the West. It’s really unfortunate that the vast majority of Americans will buy into this garbage. We have boots on the ground in Poland. The day after Geneva agreement we had airborne troops on the ground in Poland, [which] were surrounding this region with our men, our women and our blood and treasure to be sacrificed in order to carry out this banker-funded IMF demanded war.

RT:Moscow has just announced that Ukraine will have to pay for natural gas in advance, due to its $3.5 billion debt for earlier supplies. The US Spokesperson Jen Psaki also accused Russia of using energy as a bargaining chip with Kiev. Do you think it's reasonable to expect Russia to abandon its economic interests when it comes to Ukraine?

CM: No, absolutely not. If they are selling energy, they need to be paid for energy. That is third-grader economics right there. And it was really telling listening to her speak once again, she was reading from the prepared statement off a teleprompter. And when one reporter just gives her basic common sense questions “Don’t they deserve to get paid for energy that they provided?” and she can’t answer. She just got to go back and look what the CIA will tell her to say next when it comes to push back on this propaganda.

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