UN Security Council members urge warring Yemeni parties to implement peace deal

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council on Tuesday urged parties of the war in Yemen to implement a peace deal in the port city of Hodeidah. They hope the move will lead to an end of the four-year-old conflict. The Chinese, French, Russian, British and US ambassadors to Yemen said in a statement they were “extremely concerned” that the agreement reached in Stockholm in December had not been implemented. The Houthi group and the Saudi-backed government agreed on a ceasefire and troop withdrawal in Hodeidah, an exchange of prisoners, and the reopening of humanitarian corridors to help millions of starving Yemenis, Reuters said. “We call on all sides to ensure the UN monitoring mission can carry out its work safely and without interference,” the envoys said. They urged the parties to begin the implementation of the proposal without delay and “without seeking to exploit the redeployments by the other side.”