2 humanitarian corridors for Syrian refugees from Rukban camp open – Russia’s military

Two humanitarian corridors for refugees who wish to leave the Rukban refugee camp are open, the chief of Russia’s National Defense Control Center Mikhail Mizintsev said on Tuesday. In accordance with the February 16 joint statement by the Russian and Syrian coordination centers on opening the humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of Syrians from the Rukban camp two checkpoints at Jleb and Jabal al-Ghurab opened today, Mizintsev said. Earlier it was announced that the checkpoints would operate round the clock, and Syrian law enforcers and Russian military police will maintain security, TASS reports. Rukban is located in the Al-Tanf security zone, where the US has a military base. Rukban accommodates about 40,000 people, mostly women and children, according to the World Health Organization.