Russian embassy says new US sanctions are ‘draconian,’ not backed by evidence

Washington has not provided any facts or evidence to prove Moscow’s involvement in the Skripal incident, the Russian embassy in the US has said. “On August 8, 2018, our deputy chief of mission was informed in the State Department of new ‘draconian’ sanctions against Russia for far-fetched accusations of using the ‘Novichok’ nerve agent against a UK citizen, S. Skripal, and his daughter,” it said. “We grew accustomed to not hearing any facts or evidence,” the statement added. The US side “refused to answer our follow-up questions, claiming that the information is classified,” the embassy said. “We were told that the US has enough intel to conclude that ‘Russia is to blame,’” the Russian diplomats said. The US State Department said earlier that Washington was imposing new sanctions on Russia over its alleged involvement in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in the British city of Salisbury, TASS reports.