Moscow denies reports on Russia’s alleged involvement in preparing Greek ‘riots’

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday denied reports by a Greek newspaper that Moscow was allegedly preparing “riots” in Thessaloniki during an international fair in September. In July, the Kontra News newspaper published an article claiming that riots are being prepared by nationalists and “forces connected with Moscow.” According to the report, “incidents” are being planned during visits to the fair by the Greek prime minister, heads of the Balkan states and the US vice-president. “There is not a word of truth” in the report, the ministry said in a commentary on the alleged Moscow’s links, adding that “Russia has never infringed on the sovereignty, public order or state security of Greece.” Such unfriendly and stupid attacks on Russia “disgrace Greek journalism” and look absurd “against the backdrop of our warm and respectful attitude towards Athens as an equal partner,” the statement read.