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Maduro says failed drone assassination attempt was against all Venezuelans, not just him

The Venezuelan President has shared details of Saturday’s botched drone assassination attempt and presented evidence of alleged Colombian involvement in the plot. Releasing several videos on the failed attack, Nicolas Maduro said that perpetrators had been offered millions of dollars as reward for his execution. “They were offered $50 million and a stay in the United States,” said the voice that narrates the videos. The culprits allegedly received special training to "handle drones and explosives" at a farm in Colombia for three months prior to the failed strike. The attackers were advised to split into two groups and use two drones with explosive charges to attack Maduro. The president pointed at retired Colonel Oswaldo Valentín García as the alleged “chief of the assassins.” Statements from the six suspects arrested so far also pointed to involvement by Julio Borges, an opposition leader living in exile in Colombia, the president told the nation. Maduro emerged unharmed on Saturday, after a drone exploded near a military event in Caracas, where he was giving a speech. Seven soldiers were injured in the blast.