Ships of NATO maritime group enter port of Odessa, Ukraine

The Ukrainian Navy said on Monday that ships from Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 and Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 had entered the port of Odessa. The ships include the frigate ‘De Ruyter’ of the Royal Netherlands Navy, the frigate ‘Fatih’ and the minesweeper ‘Anamur’ of the Turkish Navy, the auxiliary ship ‘Rhein’ of the German Navy and the minesweeper ‘Lupu Dinescu’ of the Romanian Navy, according to Ukraine’s military. It has not immediately reported the purpose of the visit of the ships and its duration. At the end of last week, the multinational Sea Breeze 2018 exercise was completed in the western part of the Black Sea. Attending the maneuvers were servicemen from 19 countries, TASS reported.