No new sanctions on Russia over Amesbury case, investigation needed first – UK home secretary

London needs to “learn more” about the recent poisoning in the town of Amesbury, Home Secretary Sajid Javid said during a visit to the scene of the incident on Sunday. Last weekend, two people fell ill in the town, located just nine miles (some 14 km) from the site of Skripal incident, which occurred in March. The local couple were exposed to the same so-called ‘Novichok’ nerve agent, Javid said, citing “expert scientists.” It still remains unclear, however, how exactly the two came in contact with the substance. The politician reiterated London’s position in relation to the Skripal incident, squarely pinning the blame on Moscow for this “barbaric inhuman act” – while yet again not providing any evidence to back up the claim. The UK authorities, however, have been less quick to blame the Russians for the new poisoning and impose new sanctions. Javid said the police would be allowed to “do their work.” He expressed confidence that law enforcement would “eventually get to the bottom” of what exactly happened in Amesbury.