Taxi driver who hit pedestrians in Moscow said he was tired, never drank alcohol – police video  

A taxi driver who rammed into pedestrians, including two Mexican football fans, in central Moscow on Saturday, said that he fell asleep behind the wheel and mixed up the pedals. In an interrogation video released by the interior ministry, Kyrgyzstan citizen Chyngyz Anarbek said he had been behind the wheel for 20 hours prior to the incident. “I blacked out for a second and pressed on the gas. I thought I was hitting the breaks, but it was the gas pedal,” he said. The man denied speculation that alcohol was to blame for the incident, telling the officers: “I don’t drink alcohol at all.” There were no fatalities as a result of the accident, with five of the victims already out of the hospital. Three people currently remain in medical care and in satisfactory condition, the Moscow Health Department said, adding that they would also leave the hospital “in the coming days.”