Russia supports modification of UNSC sanctions against N. Korea – foreign ministry

Moscow supports the modification of the UN Security Council’s sanctions against North Korea and sees this as an important element of the process of normalizing the situation in the region, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday. The modification “can and must become one of the most important components of normalization in the region, the more so, since the corresponding resolutions repeatedly confirmed the Security Council’s readiness for such adjustments in accordance with the dynamics of the situation,” the ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. “The dynamics is obvious. It might provide considerable backing for a political and diplomatic settlement in the region of Northeast Asia,” TASS quoted her as saying. Russia’s attitude is negative to the unilateral sanctions against North Korea, which were introduced by a number of countries in bypass of the UNSC and even in addition to its sanctions, she said. “We are for the fastest cancellation of all such unilateral restrictions, in particular, the so-called secondary, exterritorial sanctions,” Zakharova said.