Russia won’t leave adoption of Magnitsky lists in Baltic states unanswered – ministry

Moscow “certainly” will not leave unfriendly actions unanswered, Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Artyom Kozhin said, commenting on the adoption of the so-called Magnitsky List in Estonia. The country has become the latest example of such actions, he said, citing an entry ban on 49 Russians listed on the Magnitsky List on March 29. Following the adoption of the list, the Estonian ambassador was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, and was told that a number of particularly anti-Russian political and public figures in Estonia “will be denied entry to the country,” according to Kozhin. “We pointed out that the decision taken in Tallinn was proof of Estonia’s openly anti-Russia policy, which is damaging bilateral relations.” The diplomat added that Russia had earlier provided an appropriate reply to a similar decision taken by Lithuania. Measures will also be taken against Latvia, which “has joined this anti-Russia provocation campaign,” he said.