Israel-Gaza border quiet under Egyptian-brokered ceasefire – report

The Israel-Gaza border fell quiet on Wednesday under an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, Reuters reports. The ceasefire followed the most intense flareup of hostilities between Palestinian militants and Israel since a 2014 war. Militants from Hamas, the dominant group in Gaza, and Islamic Jihad fired dozens of rockets and mortar bombs at Israel throughout Tuesday and overnight. Israel responded with tank and airstrikes on more than 50 targets in the enclave. There were no reports of further fighting after Palestinian and Israeli attacks in the early hours of Wednesday. A Palestinian official said Egyptian mediation led to a ceasefire. However, the terms of the “understanding” did not go beyond “a restoration of calm by both sides.” Firing “has stopped since the morning and Israel conveyed a message that if it resumes, the attacks on Hamas and its associates will be even stronger,” Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said.