Hungary to defend traditional families, stop demographic decline by 2030 – PM Orban

Hungary’s government will launch measures to stop and then reverse a demographic decline by 2030, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday. The key question is whether the Hungarian nation is preserved “biologically and in numbers,” he said. The government would launch a “serious family policy action plan,” the PM told state radio, without giving details. Liberal democracy has failed to halt immigration, protect Christian culture or strengthen the traditional family of one man and one woman, Orban said. “There are many kinds of families, many ways of life and [liberal democracy] says we should not differentiate between these… it wants to ensure equal treatment in the law… and this is the reason, this is one of the reasons, why we are experiencing a demographic decline now,” he noted. Since Orban was elected in 2010, Hungary’s population has declined further to 9.771 million in January 2018 from 10.014 million in 2010, Reuters said.