Romanian police fine 5 US sailors after drunken brawl over unpaid bar tab

The US Navy has launched a probe after a group of its sailors were detained and fined following a dispute and a brawl with security guards at a nightclub in the town of Craiova, Romania. A group of seven sailors, based at a US missile defense facility in the southern Romanian town of Deveselu, reportedly attempted to leave the venue they were partying and drinking at without paying a bill on Sunday morning and engaged in a heated altercation with the guards who chased them. Police spokeswoman Mihaela Gird confirmed Monday that the Americans “were noisy, and measures were taken to calm the tense situation,” according to AP. Five of them were eventually fined $874 for disturbance of public order. The US Navy confirmed that all of their service members were released and that an internal investigation has been launched into the incident.