Nearly 6,800 militants, families leave E. Ghouta, head to Idlib – Russian military

Nearly 6,800 members of the Faylaq al-Rahman militant group and their family members left the Arbil settlement in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta on Monday, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. It added Tuesday that in the past three days, a total of 13,190 militants and their family members had been evacuated from the settlement, TASS reports. As a result of agreements reached by the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides and leaders of the Faylaq al-Rahman group, “members of the group continue to leave the Arbil settlement… On March 26, as many as 6,749 militants and members of their families left the settlement through a humanitarian corridor and were taken to the Idlib province in 110 buses,” the Russian military said. On Monday, 26 Syrian military servicemen and civilians were freed from the captivity of the Faylaq al-Rahman group, based on previous agreements.