Gazprom sets record for daily gas supplies volume to non-CIS states for 9th day in row

For the ninth day in a row, Gazprom has broken its record for the volume of daily supplies of Russian natural gas to non-CIS states, TASS reported Friday. On March 1, Gazprom delivered 710.2 million cubic meters of gas to non-CIS countries, according to the Russian gas giant. On Friday, the company was expected to set a new record with 718 million cubic meters of gas. The results show unique opportunities that Gazprom has in Europe as a responsible supplier, the company’s head, Alexey Miller, said. He added that Gazprom is reacting promptly to the sharply increased demand. Absolute record-breaking gas exports were registered during a cold snap as low temperatures depleted stocks of European gas storage facilities and reportedly led to an increase in gas prices on the spot market by 30 percent.