Moscow concerned about new US sanctions on N. Korea amid prospects of dialogue

Moscow is concerned about new US sanctions on North Korea amid emerging prospects of dialogue between Pyongyang and Seoul, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. He said on Monday that the US made a new move towards increasing pressure on North Korea, TASS reports. “The declared American sanctions contain a whole number of alarming and troubling aspects,” the diplomat warned, saying that this concerns US unilateral measures on checking so-called suspicious cargoes. “This runs counter to the understanding that was earlier reached in collective formats, including within the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI),” Ryabkov said. The possibilities of further extending sanctions through the UN Security Council have been nearly exhausted, Ryabkov said. “We cannot repeat the situation… when after the countries agree on something in the UNSC and make corresponding decisions, the US bolsters unilateral section pressure immediately after that or after some period of time,” he added.