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Obama-led VA issued $39mn in over payments, Inspector General finds

The Office of the US Inspector General of Veteran Affairs released their Audit of the Timeliness and Accuracy of Choice Payments Processed Through the Fee Basis Claims System report Thursday. It states “payment errors were made on approximately 224,000 of 2.0 million” choice medical claims. These errors were made under the administration of former President Barack Obama via the Veteran Affairs Fee Basis Claims System, roughly between November 1, 2014 to September 30, 2016. Four payment errors were found to be consistent. The first was due to payouts on claims that did not use the appropriate Medicare or contract adjusted rate. The second was on claims not adjusted for the amount Other Health Insurance was responsible for paying the provider. Errors in settlements for medical claims that had been paid more than once were also referenced, along with recording too high payments actually paid by Third Party Administrators. The report also estimated that the Office of Community Affairs made late payments 50 percent of the time.