Declaration on rights of dolphins & whales signed at St. Petersburg Cultural Forum

Experts from Russia, USA, France, Italy and Canada discussed issues of intelligence, culture and language of dolphins and whales at the 6th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum held on November 18-19. The speakers included Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky – anthropologists and creators of the Dolphin Embassy. They are authors of the declaration on the rights and freedom of dolphins and whales, which was signed at the forum. The document states that all dolphins and whales are individuals possessing self-awareness, intellect and feelings. They “are born and must remain free,” the declaration says, adding that “the killing of dolphins and whales must be forbidden without exception… and they cannot be treated cruelly.” French author Bernard Werber and State Duma member Oleg Lebedev were among the participants. Russian MPs are preparing amendments aimed at defending animals, Lebedev said.