US Air force denies plans to put B-52 nuclear bombers on high alert

The US Air force denied earlier reports on preparations to return B-52 strategic nuclear bombers to high-readiness, according to Air Force spokesperson Laura M. McAndrews, as cited by CNBC. On Monday, she told CNBC that there were no plans or preparations to put the bombers back on 24-hour alert, adding that the ongoing renovation of an Air Force base is a part of routine work to make sure “our forces are ready to respond when called upon” and “maintain a baseline level of readiness.”

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A spokesman for US Strategic Command chief Air Force General John Hyten also stressed the absence of any such plans for the B-52 bombers.

“There are no discussions or plans for U.S. Strategic Command to place bombers on alert. Any decisions related to the posture of nuclear forces would come from, or through, U.S. Strategic Command,” the spokesman told Breaking Defense in a written email.