US lifts sanctions against Sudan in exchange for halt on N. Korea arms deal talks

US-imposed economic and trade sanctions against Sudan will come to an end on October 12 after President Donald Trump issued a decree Friday. The sanctions had cut Sudan off from much of the global financial community. The policy shift follows a 16-month diplomatic effort. US officials cited improvements by the country’s government in the areas of counter-terrorism and access to humanitarian aid as reasons for lifting the sanctions. Officials in Sudan’s capital city of Khartoum also agreed not to pursue an arms deals with North Korea, as the sanctions are lifted. However, some sanctions will remain, and the country will continue to be on the US state sponsors of terrorism list. Being on this list means there are restrictions on aid that can be delivered to the country, as well as a total ban on weapons sales. The US State Department first placed the sanctions on Sudan in 1997. (Al Jazeera)