ISIS cell plotting attack on Saudi Defense Ministry wiped out in capital Riyadh

Saudi Arabia’s security forces have killed two suspected ISIS militants and seized a cache of weapons and explosives in terrorist hideouts in a series of raids conducted in the capital, Riyadh, on Wednesday, official security sources told state TV. The plot to mount an attack on the Defense Ministry was discovered last month and involved Saudi and Yemeni nationals, according to the statement. One of the suspects managed to detonate a suicide vest as the security forces encircled his house in the eastern part of Riyadh, which served as an explosives factory. The other cell member was killed in his apartment in the western district of al-Namar as he attempted to fire back. Law enforcement reported uncovering huge stockpiles of weapons, including firearms and bomb-making materials, in the terrorists’ presumed headquarters in the suburbs of the city, disguised as a horse stables. Five other militants were arrested.