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7 Jan, 2009 11:33

Yes to aid, no to ceasefire - Israel

Israel says it will hold its fire for three hours a day, following mounting international pressure. The move is intended to allow Palestinians to escape dangerous areas and get basic humanitarian aid.


Under the terms of the UN-sponsored corridors, Israeli forces will temporarily cease operations in selected areas to allow relief workers to deliver medical supplies and food and to enable refugees and injured Palestinians to leave the conflict zone.

However, the Jewish State insists there’ll be no let-up in the military campaign against Hamas.

Israel is said to be considering the third phase of its operation, which will see its troops moving into more populated areas to target Hamas militants.

Earlier, UN officials said that at least 40 people, including children, have been killed in an Israeli strike on a United Nations-run school in Gaza. The attack in the north of the region is the single most deadly incident since Israel began its offensive 11 days ago.

The UN has confirmed that 55 others injured when Israeli tanks shelled the area near the school.

Palestinian medics say the building was being used as a shelter for Palestinians fleeing the fighting.

Israeli officials say Hamas militants had earlier launched mortar fire from the school.

According to Palestinian sources, 635 have been killed and more than 3,000 wounded in Gaza since Israel began its offensive 11 days ago.

The Israeli military say it has killed around 130 Palestinian militants since their ground invasion began three days ago, but local doctors say many of the casualties are civilians.

Israel has confirmed the loss of five soldiers so far, with four allegedly killed accidentally by their own side.