“There are no solutions to theological conflicts” – former Israeli diplomat

Iran providing humanitarian aid to Gaza is a provocation, believes former Israeli prime ministerial advisor and diplomat Yehuda Avner

“The purpose is not to vendor humanitarian aid, but to put Israel on the spot because Iran has declared war on Israel, its very existence,” he said in an interview to RT.

Speaking about the conflict of Iran, he said the solution is impossible to find under the current regime.

“We have to face the reality, and that is a very dark shadow of Islamic fundamentalism that is spreading across the Middle East, and its source is Tehran, the Ayatollah regime of Iran,” Avner said.

“There are no solutions to theological conflicts. It’s always your God against my God. And in this instance of Iran, of Islamism, of jihadism – it’s now becoming not so much the Arab world versus Israel but Islam versus Judaism,” he added.