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26 Nov, 2011 18:32

‘West should give way to regional players in Syria’

More casualties are being reported in Syria as armed rebels and government troops continue to clash in the country's eastern region. The violence continues amid increased pressure from other Arab nations and from the West.

The Arab League's ultimatum demanding that Damascus admit foreign observers or face sanctions, expired without a response on Friday. The League will now look at new measures, including suspending flights to Syria, as well as crippling restrictions on its central bank.Meanwhile, increasingly harsh rhetoric is coming from Western countries towards the Syrian leadership. Robert Naiman, Policy Director at JustForeignPolicy.Org, says that those Western nations simply should not get involved.“The situation is extremely dangerous for the people in Syria,” believes Naiman.“The idea of a western military intervention is insane. That should be kept off the table,” he says.“It’s important to recognize that the regime in Syria does have supporters and there are legitimate concerns of Syria’s minorities,” he observes, pointing out they should be a top priority.“Weapons on all sides should be stilled and dialogue and negotiations should be in the center of the international effort in order to bring about a peaceful transition rather than another civil war,” argues Naiman.“The French government talked about a humanitarian corridor, meaning Western troops. That’s just playing into the hands of the regime,” he told RT. “Anything that has to do with these issues should be the Arab League and Turkey – regional players taking the lead, not France, not the United States, not Western Europe.”Robert Naiman added that Western military intervention should be outside the discussion. The regional players trying to broker diplomatic and political solution should be put into focus instead.