“We didn't consider it dangerous” – scandalous Afghan vet’s book publisher

An account of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by Danish commando Thomas Rathsack have not only landed him in deep trouble, but also forced the country’s defense chief to resign.

The book “Jæger – i krig med eliten” (“Ranger – fighting with the elite”) describes how the operations were going in 2002. That’s what caused so much fuss, said Jacob Fuglsang, news editor of the Danish newspaper ‘Politiken’. Army bosses have accused the soldier of endangering national security.

So where’s the line between freedom of speech and posing a threat to national security?

“We published the book after the author worked together with the military on it for a long time,” Fuglsang noted.

“It was only at the last moment that the military tried to stop this book from being issued. We published it because we didn’t actually believe that the military was right in saying the book would be dangerous.”