War victim trapped in basement with son’s body

A woman is trapped in the basement of her bombed-out house in Tskhinvali after Georgia launched a ferocious missile attack early on Friday. RT contacted Paisia Sytnik by phone. She told us the body of her dead 20-year-old son was beside her.

“The planes are bombing us. I am sitting here is the basement. Fire is raging above us. Let somebody come and help us. Where are the peacekeepers? I am sitting here with other people. My son has been killed. Why nobody comes to save us? We’ve got people sitting here,” Paisia Sytnik said.

Tskhinvali suffered serious damage during Georgia’s missile offensive on Thursday and Friday. South Ossetian sources say more then 2,000 people were killed in the city, a figure Georgia denies.

The humanitarian situation in the city is grim with residents left without water or power supplies.