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8 May, 2010 16:44

We need to be vigilant not to let war happen again- historian

“It’s almost impossible to recapture how strongly people felt about the defense of their system, their civilization,” Professor Richard Overy told RT, explaining why the war was fought with such ferocity.

Prof Overy, who has written on the history of WWII, thinks the close cooperation of the anti-Hitler allies made it possible to stop the worst war in history.

“All three allies were worried at some point that one of the others would make a separate deal with Hitler. But they all were united in one thing: despite there being ideological differences, which were very large, they all were united in one desire, which was to defeat Hitler and then set about trying to remodel the world one way or another”, says Prof Overy.

Overy believes that Europe has learned some very important lessons from the WWII.

“There are very important lessons and Europe has largely learned them. Europe has been at peace more or less for the last 65 years”, says Overy.

However, it is important not to forget these lessons and not to let anything of the kind break out again.

“I think it requires on everybody’s part constant vigilance; we need to be aware,” he adds.