Aerobatic teams sweep spectators off feet in Victory Day rehearsal

Rehearsals are underway for the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow in May. Russia’s aerobatics teams have been polishing up their part of the parade at an airfield outside Moscow in a breathtaking performance.

The Russian aerobatics teams Strizhi (“Swifts”) and Russkie Vityazi (“Russian Knights”) are among the most famous teams of their kind in the world.

They have numerous awards from various international air shows and are regular participants at the Russian aviation show “MAKS”.

The teams take their performances to countries across the globe and usually perform separately.

Nevertheless, they are most famous for their joint stunt in which four planes from one team and five from another get together.

The trick is that the Swifts fly Mig-29 planes and the Russian Knights fly Su-27s, and it is extremely difficult for them to perform simultaneously, wing to wing.

No other aerobatic team in the world has yet managed to repeat the stunt.