Vampire front to protect inhuman rights

Vampire front to protect inhuman rights
A new NGO is recruiting vampires, elves and other creatures, who wish to protect their inhuman rights together.

The “Youth front for the rights of vampires and inhumans” is based on a St. Petersburg social networking service for people who believe (or pretend) to not be part of humanity.

Inhuman rights are “not protected in any way now, while society treats such people mostly negatively,” the activists say.

The organization had 1,038 members at the time of writing, according to its website.

The bloodsucking leadership promises to submit all necessary paperwork to the Justice Ministry and publish the front’s founding charter in about a month.

Calling an organization “a front” is the latest fad in Russia’s political life, after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin came up with the idea of the nationwide Popular Front.

Founders of the inhuman rights NGO did not say whether they plan to join Putin’s initiative