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21 Feb, 2012 23:26

‘US and Israel interested in turbulent Egypt’

US Senator John McCain is on a visit to Egypt to discuss the arrest of NGO members accused of inciting anti-government protests. He says the two sides are close to finding a solution, while some claim that what the US cares about is continued unrest.

"The way we approach this issue of the NGOs is with some guarded optimism that we will resolve this issue fairly soon,” AP quoted McCain as saying. “We don't think it helps the progress on this very difficult situation for American citizens to make threats. We're not making threats.”Instead, the US senator said, the US was seeking to offer its support in Egypt’s “very difficult transition to democracy."Some of the organizations involved allegedly receive funding from the United States. Mark Glenn, a writer for the newspaper American Free Press, points out that McCain himself represents an organization which is nothing but a “spy agency”.The US senator is chairman of the International Republican Institute, which is funded through the National Endowment for Democracy and has been involved in political activities in Egypt during the Arab Spring. With this in mind, Glenn says, McCain’s Cairo visit makes perfect sense.Glenn believes the negotiations will lead to nothing as Washington is simply interested in a turbulent Egypt.“These Americans, let’s just call them what they are – they are saboteurs who are out there agitating to continue unrest in Egypt. They are acting there as agents of foreign groups,” he told RT. “At the end of the day, what America and Israel want to see take place is for continued instability in Egypt.”