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2 Oct, 2011 14:44

‘Wall Street protesters know real power not in Washington DC’

The Occupy Wall Street protests are a sure sign that people have begun to realize where the real power center of the United States rests, James Corbett, editor of the corbettreport.com website, told RT.

“I think what is probably potentially transformative about this movement is the fact that they did not locate this on Washington,” he said. “It was not Occupy DC, it was Occupy Wall Street which I think shows the idea that the people are looking past the political theater that is taking place in Washington towards the real axis of political power which is located in the  heart of the American empire on Wall Street and in the finance capital, not where the politicians are wrangling about austerity measures and that sort of thing. “I think people are becoming more and more aware through the Ron Paul presidential campaign and other means that are travelling through the society right now that the real heart of the empire is in the finances and that is something that makes this political movement somewhat different and sets it apart,” Corbett added. In his turn, Stephen Lendman, radio host and author, sets much store by the Occupy Wall Street protests. The author points out that American law confers the right to coin money on Congress alone, and says this right should be returned to Congress.“Whoever controls the power of money has supreme power,” Lendman told RT. “The bankers in Wall Street have the power of money and literally run the government. Goldman Sachs runs the government, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America – they run the government. This has to stop. The people in the streets across America have to understand this and demand that the power of money returns to the Congress.”

According to investigative journalist and blogger George Mapp, the Wall Street protests could easily spill over into Washington DC, as these two places are tightly interconnected. “Who is lobbying for Wall Street? Wall Street has lobbyists in Washington DC, allowing them to take the money from the poor and give it to the rich,” he said. “Definitely they should be worried and I can definitely see this protest spreading throughout America and one day be on the steps of Capitol Hill and possibly in front of the White House.”