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5 Jun, 2008 01:05

U.S. face new Czech enemy: Peaceland

A Greenpeace group in the Czech Republic has created a zone called Peaceland, where the U.S. radar base is planned. The activists say if America wants to use the land, they need to negotiate directly with them.

Peaceland believes a radar base will make the Czech Republic a target for any missile attack and will lead to an arms-race in Europe.
The protesters are geared up to defend the territory. They have built tree-house camps, equipped with food supplies and the Internet – so they can sit out any police ambush.

The military hasn’t confirmed whether it has plans to evict the activists. But it has said “the fictitious state claimed by these trespassers will not influence a military approach in any way.”

Meantime, Greenpeace activists are flooding in from across the world, including the U.S. They say Washington’s missile defence plans are flawed.
“The system at this point is not a viable defence and a waste of American dollars. I think the creation of such a missile defence system will undoubtedly contribute to a more unstable world because as defences increase more countries will increase their offensive strategy,” Simran McKenna, American Greenpeace campaigner, said.