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US dog lover clones pet five times

A scriptwriter in Hollywood has become the first person to order a commercial firm to clone a pet. Bernann McKinney paid a Korean company US $50,000 for five copies of Booger – her beloved pit bull terrier who died recen

The lab used ear tissue from the diseased dog to re-create Booger. The five puppies were born from two surrogate mothers in late June, according to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

McKinney was deeply attached to Booger
McKinney was deeply attached to Booger (AFP Photo /
Kim Jae-Hwan)

“This is a miracle,” said the happy owner, who paid about $US 50,000 for the procedure. The firm actually cut its initial $US 150,000 price tag to celebrate what it calls the first commercial deal for a pet dog.

McKinney became deeply attached to Booger after it allegedly saved her life by chasing off a ferocious mastiff.

She says the puppies are exactly like him and she plans training some of them as service dogs for the handicapped or elderly.

Ra Jeong-Chang is the CEO of RNL Bio – the company that did the cloning for McKinney. He said his next project will be cloning camels for Middle East sheikhs.