U.S. confrontation with Russia will continue, says author

Despite appeasing rhetoric, the US is not going to stop its confrontation with Russia, believes political writer Diana Johnstone, who recently released a book on the role of NATO in the modern world.

­The Presidents of Russia and the U.S. will meet at the NATO summit in Lisbon on November 19-20. The talks are aimed at mapping out missile defense, a strategy in Afghanistan and the entire role of the Alliance.

Diana Johnstone, however, is skeptical about the outcome.

“I don’t see that the United States has decided it is pointless to have confrontations with Russia. Why then is it building forces in the Arctic, bringing Canadian and Scandinavian forces into the armed forces whose only purpose could be to confront Russia over resources in the Arctic, assuming that the Arctic icecap melts and opens up possible resources?” she said to RT.

“Also, the Unites States is carrying out military maneuvers in the Baltic, whose only opposition could be Russia,” she added.