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1 Dec, 2008 19:49

‘US concept of uncontested nuclear strike not feasible’

Russia says the US will not be able to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike without being hit back. It follows Washington's plans to set up a missile defence shield in space.

“The US concept of an uncontested first nuclear strike implies the complete neutralisation  of any response from Russian strategic nuclear forces, that is, the destruction of all strike missiles,” said Nikolay Solovtsov, Commander of the Russian Strategic Rocket Force.

“It is believed that the bulk of Russian strategic missile systems would be destroyed in their places of deployment in a pre-emptive counter-force strike of US strategic offensive forces and those Russian missiles that were launched would be eliminated by US missile defense systems,” Solovtsov said before adding:

“Americans will never manage to implement this scenario because Russian strategic nuclear forces, including the Russian Strategic Rocket Force, will be capable of delivering a strike of retribution given any course of development.”

Earlier, Russia completed a successful trial of its newest missile, Bulava, which has a striking distance of 8,000 kilometres.

Another test will take place before the end of the year.

Russia hopes to avoid arms race despite Western fears

U.S. hopes to soften Moscow missile stance