U.S. blocks NATO’s activities - Russian envoy

Russia regrets that a session of the Russia-NATO council scheduled for Wednesday was cancelled by a U.S. initiative. The country's envoy to the alliance, Dmitry Rogozin, accused the U.S. of foisting its views on other NATO members.

The gathering should have been Russia's opportunity to air proposals on a new concept of Euro-Atlantic security.

“I’ve got the impression that the US is trying to block all cooperation between Russia and the Alliance with its inadequate actions. But the alliance consists of European delegations as well, who don’t share the same views as Washington. They are concerned about security issues on the European continent and outside its borders. They understand perfectly well that those issues can’t be solved without Russia. Basically, the U.S. is taking a stand against NATO by blocking its activities and not giving it a chance to play any role in the events in the Caucasus,” Dmitry Rogozin said.