Ukranian PM in U.S. to discuss NATO accession

Ukranian PM in U.S. to discuss NATO accession
The  Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, who is on a visit to the U.S., plans to discuss raise his country's accession to NATO with top officials. Many other important political and economical questions will also be on the agenda.

“My first goal is the development of strategic relation between Ukraine and the United States. That is predictable and effective and has a good perspective,” Mr Yanukovich said.

During his visit to U.S., President George Bush and Yanukovich are expected to discuss such topics as existing agreements between Ukraine and the USA and the possibility of collaboration in the most important areas, like science and technology.

Mr Yanukiovich will also meet top American officials like U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the National Security Adviser Steve Hadley.

In New York, Mr Yanukovich will have a discussian with key American businessmen.