Undertakers fight over dead body in Ukraine

Two teams of undertakers started a brawl after arriving simultaneously to pick up a dead body before a funeral in Ukraine. The fight did not settle the argument and now the sides will go to court.

The incident took place in the city of Kirovograd, Ukrainian television channel TSN reported on Wednesday. A dead body was found at a garage block and local police called for a communal funerals company to pick it up. However, upon arrival, the communal workers discovered that a private undertaking company was already on site with the same intention.

An argument ensued, followed by a brawl in which at least one of the sides used a tire iron as a weapon. No serious injuries were reported, however.

The communal company eventually won and took the body to their morgue, but the private company refused to comply and filed a lawsuit in a local court accusing the rivals of unfair competition. The other party has followed suit.